African Waist Beads


All of our waist beads are sourced directly from Ghana, Africa. 

Be it for intimate purposes, a fashion statement, or just for tracking  weight loss, you can wear waist beads  for an added pop!


Waist beads were used by African women as instruments of body shaping. Waist beads served as an indicated of gain or weight loss depending on how tight or loose the beads became. The beads would roll lower if you lost weight and would be tight if you gained a few pounds. Pregnancy was sometimes detected by how tight the beads became around the waist.


In African tradition, the maturity of girls to women was symbolized by wearing waist beads. Traditionally, mothers adorned their daughters during their first menstruation as a rite of passage to womanhood.


Waist beads have also been worn by most African women for intimate appeal and male seduction. Women would lure suitable mates by rattling the beads, provoking intimacy. Wives in particular would spice their sexual intimacy by wearing them when making love to their husbands and also at certain times of the month to symbolize ovulation or menstruation.



Waist beads make your hips seem more pronounced because the waist beads will eventually make your waist smaller.


Wearing several strand of waist beads, also known as “layering” would achieve great results in body shaping around the mid section.


There is no limit to how many waist beads you can wear, layer them up!