Big dreamers become big winners.

Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world. 

-Oscar Wilde

Come With Me To China in 2020

This trip is great for entrepreneurs that are looking to go straight to the source for all of their business needs.

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My mission is to inspire the dreamers and to promote wellness.

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Summer bodies are made in the winter.

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It's more than a diet. It's a lifestyle. It's a vibe.

More than a meal plan

This meal planning guide is just that -- a guide to help you choose more healthy foods to include in your diet. Eat what you want, but make sure that your foods are preventing disease as opposed to contributing to disease.

There is only one important food group: plant based. 

This meal planning guide focuses solely on plant based foods that promote wellness. The focus is to add more nutritious foods into your diet, no matter what your current diet consists of. 

I've also included a special gift. Not only will you learn what to eat, you will learn how to eat and prepare healthy meals. 

FREE enrollment in The Borderline Vegan Crash Course. 

This meal planning guide is perfect for anyone who:

~Is ready to change their eating habits.

~Wants to do a plant-based fast.

~Needs help adding in more healthy options in their diet.

~Wants to limit their processed foods and add in more whole foods.

~Is ready to detox or cleanse their bodies.

~Cares about what they feed their body. 

~Wants to heal their body from the inside. 

~Wants to lose at least 10-15 pounds.

My Newest Workbook, Tattooed & Scarred Up

If you or a loved one is considering a cosmetic surgery procedure, this workbook is perfect for you! Have everything you need in one place to complete a successful cosmetic surgery procedure. 

I've been seeing "numbers of alignment" everywhere I go and this book has given me so much comfort and assurance about the path that I am taking! Thank you so much!

Amazon Customer

Loved the book and learned a lot. If you want to know more on why you see repetitive numbers this is the book for you.. pay attention to the signs

Monique Mackey

I advise everyone to purchase this book. Not only do I recommend this book I also recommend the other 2 books that's available by this Author. This book is exactly what I need. 

Amazon customer

Seeing how the author was able to heal through her practice of healthy eating and positive thinking is extremely remarkable and inspiring. 

Daphne Fuller

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