The Borderline Vegan Meal Planning Guide

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Ever since I stopped eating meat, the most common question that I have heard is "what do you eat?" 

After hearing the same question hundreds of times, I created a meal planning guide with plant-based food options and a shopping guide to help you plan your own plant-based meals. 

You could follow the sample meal plans included or you could create your own meal plans using the meal options listed.


This meal planning guide is perfect for anyone who wants to start to add plant-based foods into their diets. 

Included in this guide:

  • Plant-based meal options
  • Shopping List
  • 7 days of no meat, cheese or dairy
  • 7 days of fully plant based
  • 7 days of juicing & smoothies
  • 7 days of plant based on a budget
  • On the run eating options
  • Exercise Plan

This meal plan also contains a FREE gift!

Free enrollment in The Borderline Vegan Crash Course online. A $99 value.