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Affirmations to Stimulate Your Consciousness


Learn how Ebony used positive affirmations to heal herself from the inside, after facing several life changing difficulties, failures, rejections, hurts, and losses. 
Affirmations help to re-invent your mind, body, and soul.

Words Don’t Teach: Affirmations to Stimulate Your Consciousness, provides a beautiful compilation of positive affirmations to help re-direct your energy to higher levels of thinking. 

Do you find yourself saying any of the following?

 •I’m too old for that
•I can’t afford it
•I’ll never be able to do that
•I can never get ahead
•I’ll be single forever
•I’m struggling
•Nobody will hire me
•I can’t believe I did/said that
•It costs too much
•I just can’t stop eating/drinking/smoking
•I’m too fat
•I’ll be here forever
•I’m too scared


A belief is a thought that you continue to think. If you continue to speak negatively to yourself, your life will reflect your beliefs. Self-pity, anger, guilt, and obsessing over things that we can no longer control prove to be of no help to helping to advance our lives. Transform your life by taking control of your thoughts. 
A comprehensive list of positive affirmations has been included in this book to help transform almost any area of your life, starting from within.


Affirmations are organized and categorized by the following areas:

 •Self-care and weight loss affirmations
•Self-development affirmations
•Failure and rejection affirmations
•Forgiveness and revenge affirmations
•Career and business affirmations
•Love and relationship affirmations
•Letting go, moving on, and overcoming addiction affirmations
•Gratitude affirmations
•Travel affirmations
•Wealth and abundance affirmations


Your words create the life that you live. Make sure you are thinking and saying only things that you want to come true. This book will help you effectively incorporate affirmations into your daily life.