It's Transformation Tuesday! Here are 5 habits to happiness.

I am a happy person. Are you?

Although I cannot speak for others, only myself, I can attest that it has been a challenge to honestly be able to call myself happy. It's such a daunting task! Especially when you have been subconsciously programmed to want more, be more, do more, have more, but weigh less! Go figure. 

When people speak of transforming their lives, it usually involves their physical appearance. Some may go on a  diet, start to exercise more, or even opt for cosmetic surgery. The outer appearance is improved, yet the internal issues and insecurities still exist. That's redundant. 

That's like getting a new paint job on a car with the transmission broken. It just doesn't work!

I can say that because I am speaking of myself. I thought that if I looked better and lost weight that I would feel better. The contrary was true. Years later I realized that the only way to understand and attain true happiness is to search within and find it yourself. It is impossible to find it elsewhere. 

Knowing this, I wanted to share a few of my happy habits that helped me to transform my life. 


5 habits to happiness

1. Eat well

Your body loves you. When you start to show your body love by feeding it whole, plant based foods, it will love you back tenfold. Your skin will start to glow, your mood improves, and you make better decisions regarding your body overall. 

2. Exercise.

Movement is medicine. Exercise releases dopamine, happy chemicals into your brain. Dopamine is necessary for feelings of pleasure and happiness.

Yoga is one of my favorite forms of exercise. It uses the body, yet focuses on the mind. 

3. Practice patience.

Human impatience is the cause of suffering. When people are consumed by impatience, they suffer.  They think: “What is the point of doing anything, if it takes so long?”  

They cannot enjoy the process of life.  They cannot enjoy life as it is unfolding.  They cannot see the forest for the trees.

Good things take time to grow. 

4. Put yourself first. 

Its not selfish to put yourself first. If your cup is empty, how can you fill someone else's up? Take the time to make yourself happy first before pleasing others. 

5. Judge less.

Let people live how they want to live. Judgement creates separation and it pulls you away from your true self. When you put up a wall and judge someone, you also shut off the flow of all goodness coming to you. 

Be willing to let anything in without deciding whether or not it is good or bad first. 


If you really want to transform your life, it has to start with your mind. Affirmations prove to be effective in changing your mindset. They help to redirect your life. 


All of my affirmations are included in my book, Words Don't Teach. Download your copy today! 


Good vibes,

Ebony <3

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