It's Throw It Out Thursday!

On Throw It Out Thursday, I will send you information about a food or product that I had to throw out! Now I may not have thrown them out initially, but I would at least make a decision to no longer purchase certain items once finished.


Yesterday was Waist Missing Wednesday, so we discussed changing some habits before having surgery. I mentioned that if you eat like a baby cow, you will look like a baby cow. 


So today, I am going to tell you about one of the foods that I had to throw out of my diet. 





3 reasons to throw out your cow's milk:

1. You are not a baby cow. 

Can you really imagine yourself drinking from a cow? Cow's milk is for calves. It is designed to turn a 65-pound newborn calf into a 400-pound cow in one year.


2. Milk does NOT do a body good. 

They lied to you. Milk gives you stomach aches, gas, and other problems. Not only that, milk is filled with pus.... which in return, causes acne and skin problems. Yuck! Is that grilled cheese sandwich really worth it?


3. Milk has unwanted ingredients.

  • Hormones: including pituitary, steroid, hypothalamic, and thyroid hormones (remember most cows are extremely stressed)
  • rBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone): a genetically engineered hormone directly linked to breast, colon and prostate cancer. This is injected into cows to increase milk production.
  • Pus: National averages show at least 322 million cell-counts of pus per glass! 
  • Blood Cells: The USDA allows up to 1.5 million white blood cells per milliliter of commonly-sold milk. Yes, you are drinking cows blood in the milk and the USDA allows this!
  • Antibiotics: Currently, there are about 81 drugs in cow’s milk are coming directly into your glasses and bodies.


Replace your cow's milk with plant based options

There are a variety of plant-based milk alternatives. Here are a few that I recommend:

  • Almond milk
  • Coconut milk
  • Hemp milk


Need more help adding more plant based options into your diet?

Download my meal planning guide. 


The next time you go to feed your children cow's milk, or add milk to your food, ask yourself:


Am I a baby cow? 


Good vibes,


Ebony <3


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