Frankincense tears [resin]

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Frankincense Tears are known for their use in consecration, meditation, protection and purifying.


Frankincense is said to be uplifting, calming to the nervous system, can lessen anxiety, encourage deeper breathing patterns, decrease unpleasant sensory experiences and even create feelings of euphoria.


It's sweet, woody aroma is sedative and enhances mood by diminishing feelings of stress and anxiety while improving concentration and memory.


Resin incenses are the top of the line in incense burning. Using incense charcoal as a base, you can release the intense fragrance of these fine resin granules -- without the dilution or alteration of scent caused by a burning base or the fixatives typical in man-made stick or cone incense.



Fun fact: In the Old Testament, frankincense was traditionally burned in the temple as an offering to God(Leviticus 2:2). By bringing this gift, the Magi affirmed Jesus was no ordinary man; he is both fully man and fully God.